Off The Rockers was born out of 10 years of playing in different groups and meshing different players, in different bands, and occasionally with each other as a four piece ensemble of half crazy musicians who seemed to have a number of things in common:

* A love of music (duh!)
* A love of fun (duh!)
* CHEMISTRY (the glue)

Upon realizing there was such a common connection, we've been booking gigs as a group and playing to packed houses at local venues in the Greater Toronto Area, working on original material, and waiting for the big break that will let us quit our day jobs.
Yeah Right !!@!!#@!! - We don't have jobs!

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The newsletter features:
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- And much more!!

Band Spotlight: Marty
Our Guitar player, Marty has his own CD of all original material. The feature track is "Constellations" which was written in honour of his son, Tim,  and their first trip to a small island near Middle Arm in the Bay of Islands near Cox's Cove, Newfoundland.

Marty grew up in Cox's Cove and never visited "Green Island" because he was fishing the more outlying deeper waters near the Gulf of St. Lawrence with his father and never had occassion to stop there - until a visit to Newfoundland with his son.

Grab the album and give it a listen and you'll feel like you are there with them.